Professionally crafted small business websites.

Enjoy the website building experience at your pace, your way.

We’ve refined our process to ensure the entire website-building experience is efficient, seamless, and enjoyable. You have the freedom to engage at your preferred level. At United Experts, we excel at simplifying even the most intricate subjects, making them easily comprehensible without technical jargon. Our clients value the comfort and engagement they experience during our collaborative projects.
Project Initiation
  • Meeting to review your requirements, project terms, and deliverables
  • Contract and advance payment
  • Client onboarding session
  • Account setup for Teamwork, our project collaboration app
  • Web hosting setup
  • Domain setup
Stage 2
Planning & Requirements Specification
  • Project setup and planning
  • Needs analysis and requirements specification
  • Consultation with a senior consultant from United Experts
Stage 2
Stage 3
  • High-level design mockup
  • Website design and prototype
  • Design discussion, review, and refinements
Stage 3
Stage 4
  • Complete technical implementation of the design
  • Custom functionality development if required
Stage 4
Stage 5
  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
Stage 5
Stage 6
  • Instructor-led training for website management
  • Content entry
  • Go-live procedure
Stage 6
Stage 7
  • Submission to search engines
  • Revisions and enhancements
Stage 7

Frequently Asked Questions

For small business websites, the typical timeframe is 20-30 days, varying based on your specific requirements and the revision and improvement process.

We establish web hosting during the project initiation phase because we promptly create a testing/staging environment on a temporary domain with password-protected access. Here, you can preview prototypes, design ideas, and the evolving website while it’s under construction.

Teamwork is our user-friendly web portal/app, designed for collaborative project work with clients. It’s the central hub for tracking project progress, engaging in discussions, and managing change requests, ensuring everyone stays connected and informed.