Community-Centric Digital Projects by United Experts

At United Experts we believe that technology has the power to create positive change, and we work on projects that use technology to provide access to information, enhance services, promote transparency and citizen engagement, and give a voice to marginalized groups. As a social enterprise, we work on community-centered projects within the following sectors:

  • Arts & Culture

  • Community Centers

  • Local Bookstores

  • Local Government

  • Museums & Galleries

  • NGO Sector

  • People-focused businesses

We Create Community-Centric Websites & Apps

United Experts focuses on developing websites and apps that positively impact people’s lives. This is achieved by improving access to information, enhancing services, promoting transparency and engagement, and amplifying marginalized voices.

User-Friendly Experiences

Creating user-friendly experiences is critical for making websites and apps accessible and usable for all users. This requires considering the user's needs and preferences, and designing technology with a focus on ease-of-use, making it intuitive and straightforward for all users to engage with.

Seamless Back Office Integration

Proper backoffice integrations help organizations to offer websites or apps as interfaces that streamline processes and user interactions with their services.

Engagement Tools

Interactive features, such as feedback forms, surveys, and discussion forums, that allow users to participate and engage with organisations and community.


An accessible website is one that can be used by all users, including those with disabilities, and meets accessibility standards such as WCAG. This ensures that everyone has equal access to information and services, regardless of their abilities, and promotes inclusiveness and diversity.

Streamlined Content Management

With United Experts' user-friendly CMS, even those without technical skills can effortlessly create and manage beautiful website content. This means updates and new content can be published with ease, making the process of keeping your website up-to-date smooth and stress-free!

Security, Reliability & Scale

Our platform is designed for even the largest enterprises and can handle millions of visitors while maintaining excellent performance and reliability. This platform also meets the highest security standards, ensuring that your website and its sensitive information are kept safe and secure at all times.

We Deliver Community-Centric Digital Transformation

People-Centric Digital Transformation is a customer-focused approach to modernizing technology and digital systems. It prioritizes the needs of the end-user, enhancing their experiences and improving the delivery of services to meet their expectations.

Convenience-Enhancing Features

At UE we view digital transformation as a convenience-enhancing functionality. Performing unnecessary tasks disrupts productivity, creativity, and good quality of life. No one really wants to spend time and energy with annoyances and inconveniences. We all want to focus on what really matters and fortunately, technology is lately on our side.

Digitalization of Old Systems

The digitalization of old systems is a crucial step in modernizing and streamlining operations for organizations and communities. By integrating advanced technologies and processes, organizations can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and provide better services to citizens.

Open Data

Sharing and analyzing open data can help improve transparency and accountability in government, and encourage community engagement.

Community Engagement Platforms

Community engagement platforms can help foster communication and collaboration between citizens, organizations, and government.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can help automate and streamline many manual processes, reducing errors and freeing up resources for more important tasks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can provide cost-effective and scalable technology solutions for organizations and communities, enabling them to access the latest technologies and innovations.

We Bring Assurance with Advising & Consulting

UE consultants are hybrid specialists who combine the qualities and knowledge of strategists, solution architects, and project managers, they are men and women in their prime who have seen it all, and who can make confident decisions. They know the details and see the big picture, and balance well between perfection and effectiveness. They are the heart and soul of digital projects, a touch of mastery that makes a difference and steers to success.


We help companies of all sizes analyze their requirements and define a strategy for their websites, web applications, or entire digital transformation. We provide services ranging from analytics, research, goals, and objectives to understanding the metrics that will define their success.


Architecture specification is a “blueprint” that “translates” strategy and requirements into a technical implementation guide. Our in-depth knowledge and pragmatic approach will ensure rock-solid architecture for system, data, interfaces, and hosting infrastructure.


Delivering a digital project without in-depth knowledge of involved technology can be challenging. We help organizations of all sizes choose and define optimal software, systems, platforms, and frameworks.

Requirements Specification

Requirements specification is a critical step in software and website projects, where the client's needs and expectations are documented in detail. It serves as a foundation for development and testing by providing a clear and concise outline of the features, functionalities, and user interactions that the software or website must have.

RFP Preparation

United Experts specializes in helping clients with the preparation of an effective Request for Proposal (RFP) for software and website projects. With our expertise, we can assist in defining project requirements, evaluating vendor responses, and ensuring that the selected vendor can deliver a high-quality solution that meets the project's needs.

Continuous Advisory

United Experts provides ongoing advisory services to clients for their web, mobile app, and other digital projects. With our continuous support, clients can receive guidance and expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from initial planning and requirements gathering to implementation and post-launch optimization, ensuring that their digital initiatives are successful and meet their business objectives.

We Spread Knowledge via Training and Courses

At United Experts, we’re passionate about sharing the expertise we’ve gained over 26 years working on some of the most complex digital projects. Our focus is on providing premium, customizable training solutions for organizations, teams, children, and adults.

Custom Training for Digital Teams

United Experts provides custom training for Web Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Sitefinity, and Enpressa. For general training we focus on topics such as digital content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Training customization starts with the unique topics you wish to cover. Training pace and targeted skill level would also be adjusted to fit your needs, as are the place, date, and time when you wish to have the training. Most importantly, every training is exclusively about your project, not generic use of a particular technology.

Custom Training for Developers

United Experts brings senior developers to deliver customizable developer training for the following technologies and topics: Professional WordPress development, Sitefinity, Modern PHP & Laravel, JavaScript & Vue, Microsoft ASP.NET Core, MS SQL, MySQL, REST API & Microservices architecture. We can entirely customize your training to perfectly fit your requirements. All custom training agendas will be arranged in cooperation with your dedicated consultant.

Custom Training for Non-Technical Organizational Personnel

Over the years, United Experts has perfected a methodology to deliver training to non-technical users. We focus on the following topics and technologies: Web Content Management (CMS) including WordPress, Sitefinity and Enpressa. Fore general topics we focus on creation and management of digital content including copywriting, image editing, and video editing. Every training is always fully customized in terms of agenda, place, date, and time when you wish to have the training.

On-Demand Courses for Children

We prepared a few special courses for the young ones. The special thing about those courses is that they are customizable in terms of topics, pace, duration, date, time, place, and skill level. Prepared courses include HTML & JavaScript for Kids, Python for Kids, Website Creation for Kids, WordPress for Kids, Video & Image Editing for Kids.

On-Demand Courses for Adults

On-Demand courses for adults are different from our other training that’s targeted for organizational setting. They are meant for individuals who wish to learn new technologies outside a work environment. The special thing about those courses is that they are customizable in terms of topics, pace, duration, date, time, place, and skill level. The training can be delivered to a small group or just one person. Ready agendas include Create & manage a WordPress Website, Small Business on the Web, and Digital Content Creation.

Sitefinity & WordPress CMS

United Experts provides custom Sitefinity and enterprise WordPress training. From beginner to advanced levels, our courses are custom tailored to your unique needs and goals.

We Inspire via Public Talks, Workshops, and Camps

Through engaging public talks, interactive workshops, and immersive camps, we inspire individuals, organizations, and teams to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

Popular Talk:
Saving Generation Metaverse

In his presentation, Boris Motusic discusses the steps we need to take as a society and as individuals to enhance our quality of life in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse experiences. He emphasizes the importance of making technology a widespread tool that empowers people to achieve their objectives without compromising their lifestyle and values. He warns against the allure of addictive and persuasive technologies, urging us to remain vigilant in our approach to technology.

Popular Talk:
Web 3.0 - Invisible Internet

In this keynote classic delivered on centre stages at events such as Internet World in London, Next in Boston, Mobility World in Zagreb, and many others, Boris Motusic presents how the mainstream adoption of cloud and semantic technologies will turn the internet into a ‘ubiquitous utility’. We will be creating and consuming information without being aware of doing so. We are moving away from classic machines which require a lot of input and interaction towards devices and, more importantly, infrastructures which would enable us to forget about the machine and focus on content, thus providing and obtaining relevant information or help with getting a job done.

Popular Talk:
Digitalizing the Civic Sector

In the talk about digital transformation in the civic sector, Boris Motusic and Andreana Bavea highlighted the need for government organizations to adopt innovative technologies to improve their services and better engage with citizens. They also emphasize the importance of ensuring that these digital solutions are accessible, secure, and respectful of individuals' privacy.

No to Persuasive Technology

No to Persuasive

United Experts takes a strong stance against projects that rely on persuasive technologies. In today’s world, where technology has advanced to the point of being able to persuade users to do or buy something, it is essential to limit the power of such technologies to prevent them from being used unfairly. United Experts is committed to the responsible use of technology that protects privacy and security, as well as empowers people and enhances their quality of life. This commitment underscores the importance of ensuring that technology is used in a way that benefits society and reflects ethical values, rather than serving solely commercial interests.

In general, United Experts prefers not to work on projects that involve pure marketing or sales but rather on projects that use technology to improve lives by enabling access to information, enhancing services, promoting transparency and citizen engagement, and giving a voice to marginalized groups. Any size of project is welcome.

Project Priorities

In general, United Experts prefers not to work on projects that involve pure marketing or sales but rather on projects that use technology to improve lives by enabling access to information, enhancing services, promoting transparency and citizen engagement, and giving a voice to marginalized groups.

Any size of project in any sector or industry is welcome.