High-end websites, apps, consulting and training.

United Experts is a boutique digital agency that provides high-end web and app development, expert consulting, and tailored training for clients worldwide:

26 years of making customers happy & technology magical.

Everything just works.

When asked why they consistently recommend United Experts to their enterprise clients over big consultancies, Petya Bogdanova from Sitefinity replied that it's because with United Experts, everything simply works. And not just technically, but the entire customer experience from start to finish.

Projects within budgets.

With a mindset focused on ethics and a unique ability to fully control technical project execution, United Experts excels in delivering cost-effective solutions while keeping projects well within their budgets. Our customers highly value this quality.

Projects delivered on-time.

In the tech industry, late projects are common, but at United Experts, we've polished our project management for 26 years to ensure no project is ever late. Giving our customers another reason to celebrate is priceless.

Beyond custumization.

From meticulously crafted website details to seamlessly integrated software backends that perfectly align with your needs, from tailoring customer workflows to fine-tuning service specifics, we take immense pride in exceeding expectations by personalizing and customizing every aspect.

Effective problem solving.

United Experts' distinctive strength lies in our adeptness at promptly pinpointing cost-effective problem solutions, a quality that garners high praise from satisfied customers. Clients consistently appreciate this aspect of our service.

Nothing is impossible or hard.

With 26 years of experience, senior experts, and a positive mindset, we assure our customers that everything is possible. They love that feeling.

No tech jargon.

At United Experts, we take pride in our ability to break down even the most complex topics into easily understandable language, free from confusing tech jargon. Our customers appreciate how comfortable and engaged they feel throughout the project colaboration.

Fanatical Quality Assurance

United Experts ensures impeccable quality by meticulously overseeing every detail from pixel-perfect design to rigorous code testing.

Vibrant events & community.

At United Experts, our customer base ranges from family businesses to enterprises like PwC, Microsoft, and BNP Paribas bank. However, they are all part of our vibrant community where everyone contributes and benefits. Through frequent events and meetups, we foster a dynamic and enriching experience for all.

Our Expertise

Web Design & Development

United Experts specializes in crafting high-end websites & apps with magical user experiences and measurable outcomes.

App Design & Development

We excel in driving Digital Transformation, delivering transformative strategies and solutions that elevate businesses with seamless integration and measurable progress.

Enterprise WordPress

We supercharge WordPress with enterprise features, delivering large organizations with challenging projects the ultimate CMS experience.

Community-Centric Projects

United Experts specializes in projects leveraging technology to drive positive change, improving access to information, enhancing services, promoting transparency, engaging citizens, and empowering marginalized groups.

Advising & Consulting

Senior UE architects offer expert consulting on solution architecture, infrastructure, and strategies, while also providing invaluable RFP and Requirements Specification assistance for project success.

Digital Transformation

We excel in driving Digital Transformation, delivering transformative strategies and solutions that elevate businesses with seamless integration and measurable progress.

Digital Content Creation

Enhance your digital content with the expertise of our professional photographers, videographers, storytellers, and other skilled professionals.

Training & Courses

We specialize in delivering premium, customizable training solutions for organizations, teams, children, and adults. Moreover, our flagship WordPress and Sitefinity training has set the industry standard.

Our Projects