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United Experts, an organization founded in 1997, is dedicated to using technology to improve people’s lives. As a leading organization in this field, United Experts is committed to responsible use of technology to promote transparency, citizen engagement, and access to information. United Experts is passionate about creating solutions that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

United Experts works on people-centered projects in various sectors, including Community Centers, Arts and Culture, Sports & Wellness, Schools and Education, Local Government, and NGO. With a focus on collaboration, United Experts leverages the expertise of its core team, UE Network of Industry Experts, and UE Network of Tech Experts to deliver unparalleled digital solutions that meet even the most complex client demands.

The United Experts logo takes the form of a tulip, a flower renowned for its ability to evoke powerful emotions in individuals. By embracing this natural symbol, United Experts conveys its steadfast commitment to positively impacting people’s lives. The company is a staunch advocate for the creation of technology that prioritizes the needs and experiences of individuals, above other factors like efficiency, cost, or corporate objectives. This approach stands in stark contrast to machines, which are unable to feel or express emotions, highlighting United Experts’ unwavering dedication to people-centered innovation.

United Experts prioritizes responsible use of technology that protects privacy and security. By enabling access to information, enhancing services, and giving a voice to marginalized groups, United Experts is committed to humanizing technology for a positive impact on society.

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Andreana Baeva-Motusic
Co-Founder & Director of Project Development