Enterprise WordPress Security

Discover how United Experts and big organisations like Mercedes-Benz, CNN, USA Today, Sony and Microsoft turn WordPress into the most secure WCM platform in the world.

WordPress is lately taking enterprises by storm. For enterprises like Mercedes-Benz, CNN, USA Today, Sony, and Microsoft, according to Forbes, WordPress is the promised land — a standard, easy-to-use, multimedia-friendly platform — after a decade of lurching through clunky, expensive, jerry-rigged content management systems.

Despite the widespread use of WordPress in the enterprise world, a common misconception that persists about the system is that it is insecure. This whitepaper stipulates that WordPress is not only secure but that in fact, it is one of the most secure WCM platforms in the world. To understand the origin of the misconception of WordPress’s insecurity, it is important to note that WordPress is the only large-scale software platform whose use spans from the consumer to the enterprise market. Consumer implementations are very different from professional implementations and they greatly contribute to the WordPress security myth.