Advising & Consulting

Senior UE architects offer expert consulting on solution architecture, infrastructure, and strategies, while also providing invaluable RFP and Requirements Specification assistance for project success.


We help companies of all sizes analyze their requirements and define a strategy for their websites, web applications, or entire digital transformation. We provide services ranging from analytics, research, goals, and objectives to understanding the metrics that will define their success.


Architecture specification is a “blueprint” that “translates” strategy and requirements into a technical implementation guide. Our in-depth knowledge and pragmatic approach will ensure rock-solid architecture for system, data, interfaces, and hosting infrastructure.


Delivering a digital project without in-depth knowledge of involved technology can be challenging. We help organizations of all sizes choose and define optimal software, systems, platforms, and frameworks.

Requirements Specification

Requirements specification is a critical step in software and website projects, where the client's needs and expectations are documented in detail. It serves as a foundation for development and testing by providing a clear and concise outline of the features, functionalities, and user interactions that the software or website must have.

RFP Preparation

United Experts specializes in helping clients with the preparation of an effective Request for Proposal (RFP) for software and website projects. With our expertise, we can assist in defining project requirements, evaluating vendor responses, and ensuring that the selected vendor can deliver a high-quality solution that meets the project's needs.

Continuous Advisory

United Experts provides ongoing advisory services to clients for their web, mobile app, and other digital projects. With our continuous support, clients can receive guidance and expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from initial planning and requirements gathering to implementation and post-launch optimization, ensuring that their digital initiatives are successful and meet their business objectives.