Sitefinity 10 Released – Here is What’s New

As of today, Sitefinity 10 is available for download from Progress. United Experts brings new feature highlights.
Sitefinity 10 Released - What's New in Sitefinity 10
Sitefinity 10 Released - What's New in Sitefinity 10

As of today, Sitefinity 10 is available for download from Progress. Below are the new feature highlights.

New Sitefinity 10 Features for Developers
  • User Authentication Based on OpenID Connect
    Developers can easily enable social logins or other third-party OAuth and OpenID provider strategies and should you need custom development, the simplified API has you covered. Thus, website users can login with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Github and LinkedIn using out-of-the-box functionality or use just their email to register a new account, no hard-to-remember usernames required.
  • Site Shield
    Developing a website that only the chosen should see before a big bang launch? No problem, activate Sitefinity Site Shield and you are covered. Website Managers can easily invite stakeholders to the secured site and monitor when they access the site and from what devices. No need for stakeholders to be CMS users. Great for product managers and web agencies that need to secure approval from end clients and legal teams.
  • Enterprise Security
    IT Administrators can easily rely ADFS or LADP and automatically authorize website users by mapping AD roles to Sitefinity roles. Managing user rights outside of the CMS and implementing complex identity management requirements has never been easier. Sitefinity 10 also brings UI improvements making it easier to manage user access for multiple sites from a single CMS instance (code base).
  • Built-In Site Warmup
    IT Administrators can ensure that their sites are configured for optimal performance from the very first user visit. The Sitefinity Warmup tool gets all sitemap pages, compiles them based on sitemap priority and stores them in the output cache, so they are ready to perform at their best on the user’s first visit. It all works in the background and Developers can extend it leveraging its plugin architecture.
  • Improved Diagnostic Tools
    Sitefinity 10 takes website diagnostics to the next level by introducing more granular profiling for MVC-based widgets, improved SQL database profiling without impact on site performance and support for Razor templates compilation, site restarts and network load balanced (NLB) requests profiling. Reporting data size can be limited through configuration.
  • Azure Cloud Support Improvements
    Developers can take advantage of the latest Azure SDK to deploy Sitefinity websites in the cloud.
New Sitefinity 10 Features for Business Users
  • Persona Scoring Improvements
    Implementing a persona scoring model is part art and part science. Hence, most Digital Marketers choose to start from the big picture and refine their scoring model as they learn from the data. Sitefinity DEC now makes it easy to attribute all user visits under a given website section to a persona profile, including repeat visits. Thus, Marketers can deliver more targeted experiences across their Sitefinity sites.
  • Multisite Data Tracking
    Sitefinity 10 makes it possible to isolate customer journey data for individual websites powered by a single CMS instance (codebase) in separate data centers in the Digital Experience Cloud. Thus, Digital Marketers can get data-driven insights that are specific to the brand or website they manage.
  • SVG Images Support
    Content Marketers can easily use SVG images for better website performance and visitor experience, especially on mobile devices.
  • MVC-Based Widgets Tracking
    All MVC-based widgets in the CMS can now send data to the Digital Experience Cloud out of the box, making it easier for Developers to benefit from the latest ASP.NET MVC technology while helping Marketers get a complete view of the customer journey.