RCC’s Website Design Team Wins Fairfax County Outstanding Performance Award

RCC's website design project team has been honored with Fairfax County Outstanding Performance Award. The team worked with RCC Board members, management, staff, volunteers, patrons, partners, and United Experts.
Reston Community Center website design award

RCC’s website design project team has been honored with the Fairfax County Outstanding Performance Award for its work on the community center’s new website.  Cooperating closely with United Experts, the team was successful in creating a visually appealing website while also ensuring its functionality and accessibility across various technology platforms. Particularly noteworthy is the focus on diversity and inclusivity which means that the website is easily navigable by individuals with diverse abilities and speaking different languages. The announcement of this well-deserved recognition for the team was made on Friday, November 3, at the Fairfax County Government Center.


United Experts’ Emphasis on Community-Centric Projects

United Experts is excited to witness Fairfax County acknowledging the hard work and dedication behind this successful transformative project. The positive reactions from the community reaffirm our commitment to initiatives which have a meaningful impact on people. At United Experts, we place a high value on projects that leverage technology to drive positive change, enhancing access to information, services, transparency, citizen engagement, and empowerment of marginalized groups. The RCC project perfectly aligns with these principles.


The Challenge of Crafting Websites for Diverse Audiences

Developing websites, apps, and other technologies for community-focused institutions, such as the Reston Community Center, poses unique challenges. Balancing design, functionality, and overall user experience to serve a diverse audience is paramount. In addressing this challenge, we collaborated closely over a prolonged period of time with RCC Board members, management, staff, volunteers, and patrons. We invested significant time in prototyping, discussing, and surveying user opinions. The successful cooperation with the entire RCC team and community made this process enriching and rewarding.


Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we are eager to continue optimizing the RCC website and embarking on new projects for other community centers. We continue being committed to leveraging technology to make a positive social impact and are grateful for the opportunity to support local communities through our work.


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