Learn and Lounge WordPress with United Experts

Carefully crafted WordPress learning environment at United Experts is a combination of café, lounge, living room and office where Fortune 500 consultants share knowledge with the community.

Open Source software is no longer just for geeks. It is a hot trend that increasingly involves people who do not have infinite time and patience for independent learning. Yet, available online courses are mostly too general and insufficient, while classroom-type courses are outdated.

In response to the ongoing changes in users’ needs, United Experts wishes to contribute two things to the WordPress community. Firstly, we bring senior Fortune 500 consultants to share corporate expertise with small businesses, professional bloggers and the wider community, through educational services uniquely shaped to pinpoint functionality and best practices and bring about results in the least technical and most cost-effective way.

Our second unique contribution is a carefully crafted Learn & Lounge™ environment which is a combination of café, lounge, living room and office. It is a vibrant, yet relaxed place where everyone feels at home.

WordPress has a great, well-intentioned and open community. United Experts embraces this community approach and provides a smaller, cozy, offline space. So, if you are in London or San Francisco just join us for a WordPress course and a good talk over a cup of coffee. If you are not in the area then look for a United Experts event within the United States, the UK, and Europe. We rent premium local venues to bring the Learn & Lounge™ experience near you.

Learn & Lounge™ is available with the WordPress Course, WordPress Workshop and WooCommerce Course. Senior WordPress consultants at United Experts also deliver 1-on-1 WordPress Coaching.