WordPress VIP webinar: How Salesforce is transforming content marketing

Go behind the scenes with Hayley Nelson, Salesforce’s VP of Content Marketing, and Nick Gernert, CEO of WordPress VIP. You’ll learn how Salesforce is driving growth by rethinking its entire content ecosystem from the ground up.

Salesforce understands the essential relationship between content and business growth.

That’s why the world’s #1 CRM is elevating the role of content across its entire marketing ecosystem.

They even created a new position to lead the transformation: Hayley Nelson is Salesforce’s first-ever Vice President of Content Marketing.

In this webinar, go behind the scenes with Hayley and Nick Gernert, CEO of WordPress VIP, to learn how Hayley is helping Salesforce create content that drives business growth across an organization of 40,000 people—including the tools she’s using to get the job done.