Sitefinity Training - Custom courses just for you or your team!

Looking to learn Sitefinity from scratch or enhance your team’s skills? Choose fully customized Sitefinity Training. Our expert instructors provide personalized instruction on all aspects of Sitefinity, ensuring that you or your team gain the knowledge and confidence to excel. From beginner to advanced levels, our courses are tailored to your unique needs and goals, so you can achieve your full potential with Sitefinity.
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  • Marketers

  • Business Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Developers

  • Front-End Developers

  • Designers

  • Syestem Administrators

Sitefinity Training Features

At United Experts, we offer premium Sitefinity training with customized topics, personalized 1-on-1 delivery, access to online sandbox environments, EBA-accredited certificates, flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities, comprehensive training support apps, and stylish gifts to complete your training experience.

One-on-One Format

At United Experts, our Sitefinity training is always delivered 1-on-1, whether you're an individual or a team.

Full Customization

We customize your training based on the topics you want to cover, adjusting the pace, skill level, and schedule to fit your needs. Our focus is on your project, not generic use of Sitefinity.

20 Days of Support Included!

Every training comes with 20 days of after-training support. With this service, you can rest assured that you'll have all the guidance you need to make your project a success.

Accredited Certificate

Each participant in our training program receives an EBA-accredited certificate printed on premium paper and available for download, complete with a digital signature.

Success "recipe"

With this premium training, United Experts brings senior Sitefinity consultants to share their expertise from projects for world-leading brands. We proudly present a unique, proven success "recipe" that’s applicable to individuals and companies of any size and shape.

Sitefinity Sandbox

At United Experts, we believe the best way to learn Sitefinity is by doing. That's why we offer an online sandbox environment as part of our training program, giving you the freedom to learn and experiment as much as you want.

Training Materials

Access quality Sitefinity guides, presentations, samples, and training-related files conveniently in your account on our training support app.

VIP Experience

Our flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities in London and Washington DC offer a cozy and comfortable environment for in-person training. We also provide streamlined logistics for on-site training, and beautiful and functional apps for remote training that facilitate a strong connection with your instructor.

Gifts & Swag

We believe in providing a complete and enjoyable training experience, which is why we include stylish gifts such as mugs or polo shirts for you to take home as a token of our appreciation.

Sitefinity Training Locations

At United Experts, we offer premium Sitefinity training at your office, our flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities, or remotely online, providing you with the flexibility to choose the best option for your needs.

At Your Office (worldwide)

We provide on-site Sitefinity training at your office, anywhere in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, U.A.E., New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, bringing our expert instructors directly to you.

At Our Place

Our flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities in prime locations offer a modern and comfortable environment, complete with open tap drinks and healthy snacks. You can find our facilities in London and Washington, DC.

Remote / Online

Our remote training is not a webinar! It's a private, personalized training session delivered exclusively to you or your team on your preferred date and in your local time zone.

Corporate E-learning

For large groups requiring continuous education, United Experts offers custom Sitefinity e-learning courseware creation that is optimized for scalable, enterprise learning.

Sitefinity Training Outlines

Select from our range of pre-made outlines or opt for complete customization to suit your unique needs.

Custom Training Outlines

We offer complete customization of your training to perfectly fit your requirements. To arrange a custom outline, please consult with your dedicated Sitefinity consultant.

This is the Sitefinity Training!

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We’ve simplified our process to make it fast, convenient, and enjoyable – from ordering to post-training support. Contact a Sitefinity consultant (not a salesperson) to arrange your training.
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