We craft impactful websites, build great software, and share the expertise.

We leverage technology to improve lives.

Over 26 years, we’ve created just about anything that runs on the web. Nevertheless, at United Experts, we maintain a strong belief in technology’s potential to enhance lives. Our focus remains on projects that utilize technology to provide access to information, improve services, and foster transparency and citizen engagement. We help:

Our Expertise

Community-Centric Projects

United Experts specializes in projects leveraging technology to drive positive change, improving access to information, enhancing services, promoting transparency, engaging citizens, and empowering marginalized groups.

High-End Websites & Apps

United Experts specializes in crafting high-end websites & apps with magical user experiences and measurable outcomes.

Small Business Websites

United Experts now offers small business website services as part of our community-driven and talent-nurturing initiative.

Enterprise WordPress

We supercharge WordPress with enterprise features, delivering large organizations with challenging projects the ultimate CMS experience.

Advising & Consulting

Senior UE architects offer expert consulting on solution architecture, infrastructure, and strategies, while also providing invaluable RFP and Requirements Specification assistance for project success.

Digital Transformation

We excel in driving Digital Transformation, delivering transformative strategies and solutions that elevate businesses with seamless integration and measurable progress.

Digital Content Creation

Enhance your digital content with the expertise of our professional photographers, videographers, storytellers, and other skilled professionals.

Training & Coaching

We specialize in delivering premium, customizable training solutions for organizations, teams, children, and adults. Moreover, our flagship WordPress and Sitefinity training has set the industry standard.